What a sad state of affairs we have when we need to formulate policies around a single tollroad. But unfortunately we do.

Westconnex is the single most damaging event to hit our community and its effects will be felt for years to come. I have spoken out at many community meetings, at the NSW Senate Tolls Enquiry and I will continue to do so because it’s just plain dumb.  And you don’t need to be an expert to see the stupidity that’s coming. Tell any local they plan to solve congestion by funnelling traffic onto the City West link and watch their facial expression.

One major party loves it, the other doesn’t like the part about the tolls but is ambivalent about the rest.

Its heartbreaking that the Leichhardt ward can be described geographically by three acts akin to environmental vandalism.

  • To the west - Haberfield construction site opposite Bunnings.
  • To the north - A possible dive site at Dan Murphy’s on Darley Rd.
  • To the east - A possible dive site at Mallet St & Parramatta Rd. 

 Here’s what I am thinking….

  1. Let’s form strategic partnerships with progressive like-minded councils. We should be sharing resources and formulating joint policies. Together we are stronger.
  2. Our council needs to be a thought leader and an influencer. We need to provide alternate solutions that actually work, are sustainable and live in harmony with all of Sydney. Let's lead the debate not follow it.
  3. What hasn’t been built needs to be opposed, what has been built needs to be repurposed. By planning our infrastructure for the people and not for profit, we can deliver cost effective transport systems to our community which do not impact our environment. There are better ways.
  4. Our residents that have been/will be impacted need our support - socially, economically and legally.

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