Impacts of WestConnex Emission Stacks

How will the Westconnex emissions stack being built opposite Bunnings (Haberfield/Ashfield), impact our community?
Or the one at St Peters, or the ones at Rozelle, or the one at....

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Who Do We Want On Council?

My first in a series of short clip, focusing on things I am passionate about. This one asks the question: 
"Who do we want on Council?" I'll go first... 
I would like to see true local representation NOT just a party nomination. 
I would like to see strong, independent, community minded, passionate advocates for our community. 
On Sept. 9, we all have the opportunity to ensure this can happen.

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Balmain Town Hall SMC Public Meeting

Remember when the Sydney Motorways Corporation came to Balmain to tell us how wonderful WestConnex was going to be? Since no one in the world built toll roads in their cities anymore, I just wanted to know why they felt they knew better?

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Inner West Council Meeting 25 October 2016

Going once, going twice, sold for $3,300....
That's how much council accepted for a 200 sq mtr block of land at Reg Coady Reserve.

So I thought I'd check whether council left a few zeros of the price?

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Inner West Council Meeting 5 July 2016

Who remembers the stormy first Inner West council meeting? The unelected administrator, fresh from Macquarie st, was greeted by the full fury of our community. He was so ruffled he hurriedly proclaimed he also "opposed Westconnex in the strongest possible terms!" 

So I wanted to know, how strong that opposition was going to be? 

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