Press Release

10 August 2017

Local Activist to stand as an Independent for Inner West Council 

Fed up with the State Government’s assault on our local council, John Lozano has announced he will be standing as an Independent for the Leichhardt Ward in the September Council Elections.

John is passionate about democracy and first became a community activist when the NSW Government introduced the two for one business vote for the City of Sydney elections. “The next day, I volunteered to assist Clover get re-elected,” he said. The Community spoke. The Clover Moore Independent team enjoyed a landslide victory.

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‘Come after me’: WestConnex Representative

A WestConnex representative has told disgruntled residents to ‘come after me’ if the promises he makes as project director for the M4-M5 link are broken.

The Sydney Motorway Corporation is responsible for the construction of WestConnex, and finally met with community members after dodging earlier community consultations.

It was standing room only at the Balmain Town Hall on Thursday night as hundreds of residents gathered to hear from and ask questions of the SMC.

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WestConnex Not On Council’s Agenda

John Lozano of Haberfield made an impassioned appeal to the Mr Pearson, that he act on the issue of WestConnex or resign as Administrator. “Barely six weeks ago I stood here and cautiously welcomed your comments. ‘This council opposes WestConnex in the strongest possible terms’. I thought we had a champion in our midst...

“Since then I have asked, what have you done? Today I ask that same question, but it’s rhetorical. Your replies have been skimpish at best and you don’t even record comments in your minutes.”

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