Party Politics

John Lozano Independent for Inner West Council Policies

I am passionate about keeping party politics out of our councils. They add no value and there’s simply no place for it. 

Councils are community forums where independent community minded representatives collectively formulate policies for the interest of the community.

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I love the inner west. Our streets are full of wonderfully diverse architecture. Yes development is needed. But it must fit into the surroundings our community cherishes.

High density style developments, like Waterloo, completely transform our communities and erode away the very things that drew us to the inner west. We are a welcoming community but our services must grow along side our new neighbours. Placing more pressures on our already stretched infrastructure is not the way to go.

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What a sad state of affairs we have when we need to formulate policies around a single tollroad. But unfortunately we do.

Westconnex is the single most damaging event to hit our community and its effects will be felt for years to come. I have spoken out at many community meetings, at the NSW Senate Tolls Enquiry and I will continue to do so because it’s just plain dumb.  And you don’t need to be an expert to see the stupidity that’s coming. Tell any local they plan to solve congestion by funnelling traffic onto the City West link and watch their facial expression.

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How Green Can We Be?

I am so disillusion with our federal Governments approach to renewables and sustainability in general. I guess you can’t teach a dinosaur new tricks.

That doesn’t stop us from stepping up and leading the way.  

What if we were to introduce renewal energy initiatives and sustainable measures across the inner west. What a red faced lot they’d be then.

Let’s set renewable energy targets for all council buildings to obtain progressively over future years.

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Active Transport

I am passionate about creating an inner west active transport solution that links up routes provided by other progressive councils. In my mind, cyclists come in two types, Recreational (scenic route) and Alternate Transport (direct route). We need to cater for both. We also need to engage the cycling community in the design.

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