Party Politics

I am passionate about keeping party politics out of our councils. They add no value and there’s simply no place for it. 

Councils are community forums where independent community minded representatives collectively formulate policies for the interest of the community.

Our council was forcibly amalgamated without our say. No councillor with the communities interest at heart would have voted to strip away our autonomy or put up such little resistance. 

I yearn for an independent thinking council where councillors debate over community issues, not espouse political rhetoric. 

We need to start ruffling a few feathers….

Let’s face it, politicians only sit up and listen when they fear for their jobs. And nothing instils fear in them as the possibility of loosing votes. Huge swings and independent candidates elected to our council sends strong messages. It's a very accurate poll, reflecting the mood of the community. And we all know how much they love their polls. Our community has the power to make a difference. 

Your vote on September 9 can start the avalanche…..


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