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 Balmain Town Hall Public Meeting with SMC - December 2016

Balmain Ton Hall Public Meeting

It was standing room only at the Balmain Town Hall on Thursday night as hundreds of residents gathered to hear from and ask questions of the SMC.

Mr Lozano was critical of the WestConnex project when addressing Mr Jones at the meeting. “Here is some feedback, this is due for failure just like every other toll road. The world has moved away from this solution. The world has moved away from roads because you cannot pour traffic into a city and not expect congestion......

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WestConnex Not On Council’s Agenda - 23 August 2016

WestConnex Not On Council’s Agenda

On Tuesday August 23, the unelected Inner West Council met for the third time since its appointment by the Baird government.

The published meeting agenda ran to over 600 pages, yet failed to include WestConnex or urban growth as agenda items.

John Lozano of Haberfield made an impassioned appeal to the Mr Pearson, that he act on the issue of WestConnex or resign as Administrator.

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