How Green Can We Be?

I am so disillusioned with our Federal Government's approach to renewables and sustainability in general. I guess you can’t teach a dinosaur new tricks.

That doesn’t stop us from stepping up and leading the way...

What if we were to introduce renewal energy initiatives and sustainable measures across the Inner West? What a red faced lot they’d be then.

Let's set renewable energy targets for all council buildings to obtain progressively over future years. Let's assist residents with getting on board by offering rate incentives. We have lots of units in our area, let’s help them navigate strata by-laws so they can join in. Can we enforce similar standards on new developments? Let’s look into it...

What if we became so independent that we could start selling electricity, not back to the general grid but back to our own residents. Who doesn’t want to reduce their electricity bills? We could do it with Solar Gardens. It’s transformational stuff but hey, as they say, from little things big things grow…

We could introduce a scheme where you get credits - the more sustainable your home, the more credits you earn. These credits can then be offset against council rates. And it shouldn’t be limited to just home owners either. Let’s face it, with Sydney home prices the way they are renting is a necessity. We’re all part of our community so let’s include, not exclude. 

Roof Top Solar Gardens

And it doesn’t end with solar panels. There’s heaps of things we can do to make us more sustainable:

  • Water Tanks
  • Worm Farms
  • Bokashi Bins
  • Community Vegetable Gardens
  • Compost Distribution
  • Solar Paths

New York roof top solar gardens, share electricity.

And these are just my thoughts. We have truly passionate members of our community that would love to contribute ideas. And council can play a role in bringing those ideas to fruition. So let’s get them thinking and contributing through community participation schemes to transform our environment - locally first. 


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