John Lozano Independent for Inner West Council

Like most, I’ve been lamenting for years the lack of choice offered by the major parties in Australia.

The childish antics we endure daily, the infantile point scoring comments hurled across parliament and the constant in-fighting within their own ranks. 

It’s all just a bit too much.

Now and again, an independent steps into the light. But when you hear their policies, you dive for the light switch. 

The talent pool has been drought stricken for far too long.

I reached a point where I really got tired of complaining about the inadequacies of our politicians. Either I accepted this is as good as it gets or did something other than moan. 

 I chose to make a difference, starting locally at our council.

The character traits of politicians in Canberra and Macquarie St. are not needed or wanted in our incoming council. They are not the type of individuals we want the interests of our community entrusted to. We have all suffered from the political ideology infesting our country.


What were my turning points? When was enough - enough?

The first came when I received a letter from the City of Sydney letting me know that as a business owner I was now eligible to vote in their council elections. It was the time when the State Government was trying to influence the outcome of the council elections against Clover Moore, by giving business owners two votes.

How could a government pass legislation that allowed that? Why should a business owner be given two votes and a person just one? The next day I rang Clover’s team and became a volunteer.

History records Clover winning by a landslide. The people were not having a bar of it.

Next came our council’s forced amalgamation by the State Government and the appointment of an unelected administrator. If you can’t rig the votes, why not abolish it altogether. The administrator was also an ex-director from the NSW Department of Planning and a consultant on council amalgamations. I was furious!

And finally the last straw. I noticed that the Westconnex route just happened to fit perfectly within our new council boundaries. I've had enough. I couldn’t remain silent anymore. 

Ever since that day, I have been voicing concerns at our council meetings. I have spoken out over council’s inaction, called out for transparency in negotiations with the State Government and tried inducing, in the unelected administrator, the same passion for our issues, we should all expect from our elected representatives. 

But they’re not done yet….

State Governments have been chiseling away at council authority for years and more is to come. Our community is set to undergo substantial changes under the State Government’s urban growth strategy. Now more than ever, we need strong negotiators who will be passionate advocates for the interest of our community and not representatives for the policies of their parties. 

Our community will not find a local who is more vocal….