I love the inner west. Our streets are full of wonderfully diverse architecture. Yes development is needed. But it must fit into the surroundings our community cherishes.
High density style developments, like Waterloo, completely transform our communities and erode away the very things that drew us to the inner west. We are a welcoming community but our services must grow along side our new neighbours. Placing more pressures on our already stretched infrastructure is not the way to go.

Here’s what I am thinking….

  1. All developments must be accompanied by additions to public space, parks and active transport systems.
  2. Increases to schools, childcare, health facilities and public transport must be factored in to cater for the population growth.
  3. New architecture must compliment exisiting suburban landscapes and also add to the diversity that defines our inner west.
  4. Let's set up a key position on council. A position responsible for setting strategic outcomes for future developments. We want to see "inner west friendly" proposals. Let's choose an individual with global town planning and architecture experience. Let's set the bar high.
  5. Our planning controls are being stripped away by the State Govt. Let's start turning that around. Our council not only has an obligation to shape and contribute towards government policies but also to advocate publicly on behalf of our community when those policies are unfair and unjust.

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