In the best interest of the Inner West

Breaking: Bill Shorten agrees deal with Tony Abbott securing Prime Ministership


In a move sure to send shock waves through Labor's true believers, Bill Shorten has struck a deal with Tony Abbott securing his support and becoming Australia’s newest prime minister. In return, Abbott will be named Deputy Prime Minister.

“People will be upset by this but in time they will see I acted in the best interest of my party and career,” said Shorten.

When asked if their polarising points of views would create obstacles in forming policies Abbott commented, “No, I don’t think so. Look there is almost nothing, probably nothing at all, Bill and I see eye to eye on, but this doesn’t mean we can’t do things, important things, things of benefit to both of us.”

In a show of their new found unity a joint statement announced the launch of their new sustainable energy policy.

“Today, I can announce Tony and I signed-off on an exciting joint initiative. A new network of clean coal fired power stations,” announced Shorten.

“Yes Bill, and to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks, I have also given my support to the building of solar powered windmills. These windmills, built along side the power stations, will push the smoke out over the sea, over the ocean, were sustainably it will evaporate and disappear,” added Abbott.

Relax this is just satire. Fake news.  It will never happen....  

But whilst the characters may be different, the deal struck between Liberal and Labor to carve up the leadership of the inner west council is no less bizarre.  

Shortly after our new councillors read the words, I affirm that I will undertake the duties of the office of councillor in the best interest of the people of the Inner West, Labor's new Mayor called the vote for the Deputy Mayor. Julie Passas was elected.

There’s little, if anything, Liberal Julie has in common with Labor Darcy. By comparison, she can make Abbott look quite moderate. The only thing in common being their subscription to the what’s in it for me club.

These "arrangements" are not uncommon on our council, it is documented systemic behaviour and has brought down on our community unpalatable decisions - never in the best interest of the people of the inner west.   


With Julie coming off a three month suspension from holding public office for her behaviour, it will be an awkward marriage. And within minutes of assuming the position, we got a glimpse into the friction that lies ahead. 

Tom Kiat, Green’s member for Ashfield, moved a motion to show support for the yes vote in the marriage equality campaign. Darcy waffled on about his unwavering support for the LGBTIQ community. And then the Deputy Mayor spoke about Nazis with Jackboots before being called into order by the Mayor.

Yep entertainment for all - at our expense.

Earlier in the week I was asked about the possible outcome of the mayoral election. I commented that the honourable thing would be a power sharing arrangement between Labor and the Greens. The votes suggested this was the people’s wishes and would be the best outcome for our community.

But I knew deep down that a Lib/Lab coalition had a better chance of a coalition between honour and politics.

The sad fact is, as commented by Max Phillips previously, labor will now be constrained from being as progressive as they could be through this alliance and a councillor whom voters in the Ashfield Ward showed little faith in has been elevated to second in charge of over 190,000 residents.

The meeting closed. Some applauded, some cried out, "Shame Labor Shame...."

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