Active Transport


I am passionate about creating an inner west active transport solution that links up routes provided by other progressive councils. In my mind, cyclists come in two types, Recreational (scenic route) and Alternate Transport (direct route). We need to cater for both. We also need to engage the cycling community in the design.

Here are some of my thoughts, what are you yours?Cycle-paths-1.jpg

  • Avoiding compromised designs - If we are serious about active transport we cannot compromise. Cycle routes need to be purposely built. Half-baked designs that snake around our streets terminating here and there and merging into traffic hazardously don’t work. 
  • Segregated & Protected Cycle Routes - Studies have shown that providing safe and protected cycle routes are key factors in cities with high cycling levels, and those cities that have experienced rapid take-up.
  • Liveability - Convincing our council and state government that increasing active transport will benefit our community economically, socially and environmentally and should form part of a strategy to enhance the inner west’s liveability
  • Leadership - Creating dedicated and protected cycle routes may mean taking back road space. Convincing the motoring community that this can actually improve traffic flow, through a reduction in local car usage, is crucial and requires political leadership.

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