Who am I?

John Lozano Independent Red Rattler to Ashfield


My family arrived in Australia with me in tow in the 60’s. Dad and Mum headed off to factories shortly after. They would remain there until retirement.

We lived on Palace St Petersham and I rode the red rattler to Ashfield Boys. Later we moved out Liverpool way.

I left school, did an apprenticeship and worked in the motor trade a few years. The careers advisor said it was the thing to do - if you liked cars.

John Lozano middle Statues Cry

 I was drawn to music in my teens and ended up playing in bands. It was the 80’s, the music scene was buzzing and there were heaps of pubs about the inner city. Sadly most of them now closed. We released a single, a video and made the independent charts. Looking to repeat that on Sept. 9.

I settled down got married, a mortgage and two kids. For the next 10 years, I worked in community services providing advocacy for people with disabilities and managing childcare programs.

I coached junior football (that's sock-ah to the “uninitiated”), climbing through the ranks to coach NSW State sides. We won 3 championships - c'mon you blues.

I studied and re-trained in Information Technology and have remained in that field ever since. Today I’m a consultant providing IT services to both the public and private sector.

I was lucky enough to return to the inner west 6 years ago. I love its diversity, its vibrancy and that it's ok to have purple and green hair, if you want. “My time”, is spent between coffee at Cornersmith, plays at the New Theatre and foreign film festivals at Palace on Norton.

I love the place to bits and every bit about the place.

John Lozano Independent #LocalMoreVocal

So when my community was threatened I stepped forward. Council amalgamations got me started. Toll roads, over development and the gradual and unrelenting erosion of our democratic rights got me hooked. The sprinkling of disingenuous politicians just strengthen my resolve to make a difference.

I reached out to community groups and asked if I could help. I became an advocate. I’ve spoken at council, I’ve spoken in town halls, I’ve spoken at rallies and even in the NSW Senate.  

I’m local and boy am I vocal.