In the best interest of the Inner West

Breaking: Bill Shorten agrees deal with Tony Abbott securing Prime Ministership


In a move sure to send shock waves through Labor's true believers, Bill Shorten has struck a deal with Tony Abbott securing his support and becoming Australia’s newest prime minister. In return, Abbott will be named Deputy Prime Minister.

“People will be upset by this but in time they will see I acted in the best interest of my party and career,” said Shorten.

When asked if their polarising points of views would create obstacles in forming policies Abbott commented, “No, I don’t think so. Look there is almost nothing, probably nothing at all, Bill and I see eye to eye on, but this doesn’t mean we can’t do things, important things, things of benefit to both of us.”

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Why didn't OUR councils fight?

In 2016 on the eve of amalgamation two motions were tabled. One expressing support for Woollahra Council’s legal challenge to their forced merger. The other seeking to join them.

Save Our Council

The motions were lost.

“The case for mergers never stacked up. That’s why communities across the inner west did not want to merge, and why I voted in favour of joining other inner-city councils by challenging our proposed merger in the courts,” said one independent councillor. That was John Stamolis, who is now running as an Independent in the Balmain ward.

When council mergers rolled out across NSW two stood out more than others.  

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